Monday, July 18, 2011

Great Turtle Glassware!

Turtle and I met at a restaurant job, and through the course of our tenure working together, we obtained 2 red wine glasses that hold a particularly significant amount of sentimental value. After leaving the job, the glasses got put in a box and lived in my brothers basement for 8 months before I moved into my current place. (How charming, for such important objects...!) When I unpacked the glasses, I decided to etch them in a way that would make them fully show their heritage. :)

I decided to do the opposite because I thought it would look cool. Which it does, but I do wish that I had also made opposite the text on the reverse sides. Ideally, the glasses would have been clear turtle/opaque text & opaque turtle/clear text. Oh well, they still turned out nicely!

Best served with a glass oooooffff ::
Pinot Evil pinot noir

He and I bought 2 bottles of this stuff on our first little "outing" together. One sat on my dresser for over a month before we broke it open late one night when none of the 4 of us drinking should have still been thirsty! Due to our extreme hangovers the next day, the 2nd bottle didn't get touched for another 4 months...but I still love it.

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