Monday, July 18, 2011

Karen's project!

My friend Karen is participating in a bachelorette party wine-tasting weekend later this month, and asked me to create glasses for the event.

Blank, large, white wine glass.

Sharpied the words onto pieces of removable self-adhesive shelf liner (such as Contact-brand). I made sure to line up the words on each glass fairly closely. After attaching the template, I exact-o-knifed out all of the text, as well as the heart shape underneath "Jill & Chaz." Then I stuck that heart cutout toward the bottom of the opposite side of the glass, put a larger piece of Contact paper over it, and cut around the original heart (making a border of which to etch).

The so-far-finished design. All of them are a little different, since I cut everything by hand.

I have made 12 of them as they appear above. (She had asked for 11, but I made the extra just in case there is an unfortunate situation in the travels to wine country and back!) I am adding "bride" and "groom" to 2 of them. I may also add one more heart, but I am going to experiment with etching the inside of the glass for it. Planning on putting it slightly underneath the "2011" - this is to do a couple of things. Almost all of the "2011's" are at an upward angle. Normally I know that I critique my own things more than anyone else ever does, but this is absolutely noticeable so I want to try and make it a touch more aesthetically pleasing. I assessed a couple of different ways in which to remedy the situation. Adding the heart was my decidedly best solution because I think it will pull together the other 2 hearts while you're looking at it sitting on a shelf, and and it will look sweet when it's full. :)

When I finish the rest of them, I'll post away!!

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