Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's a beautiful day!

Goodness, I am sorry that I started this thing and fairly well immediately slacked! This week/end was rather random. After tomorrow, my time available for crafting and creating and selling myself increases substantially.

Bummer tonight (though probably the reason I am actually writing something right now!) - Pinterest is down for maintenance. I have several tabs open, waiting until I can hit the (who-knew-how-) much-desired "Pin it!" bookmark icon...*sigh*

Oh! Jordan snagged me up today to hit the Grand Rapids Fulton Street Artists' Market (that links to their facebook page). Very cool ideas, inspiration for resin (soooo pumped for Tuesday !! ), bought some soaps. I asked the lady who made the soaps (as well as candles, lotion, deodorantand lip balm) to think of me first if she needed an assistant. Because how cool would it be to learn how to make my own SOAP!?! And keep GOATS!!?


Sheesh, look at me, making plans...

Snapping back into reality, then today got consumed with music practicing (so I was still of course using my creative brain, plus some!), and then the illustrious, beautiful, amazing, devastating U2 concert at Spartan Stadium. HUGE shout-out to Jax Baker for making that happen for me. The visuals were phenomenal, there is really no other way to put it.


This picture is not from tonight's show, but it looks the same. A-ma-zing. So, so much love in the world. :)

Mmmkay, so, wrap-up:
**Tomorrow I am practicing some music and the evening finds me playing my friend Nik's final Open Mic Night at Z's - it's been a memorable 5 years.
**Tuesday: Experimenting with the Wonderful World of Resin!! Bottle cap magnets are the introductory project (I will actually be hole-punching images at Open Mic), so I'm going to Mod Podge first. While that's drying, I'll finish the stencils for etching Amy's sister's wine glasses. Possibly apply the etching cream. Then resin the caps and see what results we like. One of the girls at Market did a lot of things with resin that really inspired me; I'll go into it more on Tuesday night's blog.
**Also, I was hoping that I could get some decent pictures of what little is left to do on the room project, but looks like I'm stuck with my phone camera. I will try and get, at the very least, some good examples of before and after shots, it's really turning out quite cool. But I'm ready for my space to be back to order, it's really been throwing off my qi. Plus, when T finally gets to come here, it will be a proper ladies boudoir. :)

Some thoughts on what I want to look into:
- Sandblast etching
- Glass paint
- Resin molds
- How one band can be so sexy o.O

See you Tuesday!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Today's inspirations

I've been at Ben's house for the last 22 hours, kind of unexpectedly (I thought I'd be home last night) so I haven't been able to make any further headway on my bedroom project - pictures soon though!

What I have been able to do is peruse Pinterest. The lovely people I follow on that site lead me to these 2 blogs: this site is so worth every moment you spend on it. I chose this project because it might be the solution to everything Jordan and I have been looking for as far as organizing spools of things. - this project was directly linked off of Pinterest by a lady I'm following as a t-shirt refashion idea. I am a bit bummed that I just finished hacking up a bunch of t-shirts for a quilt in November (that I haven't touched since) and I'm picturing how awesome some of them would be for this...oh well, onto the next one!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's (unoffically) day one :)

Last month, I realized a few things about myself - one of which is that I want to make money crafting things. My older brother has been telling me for over a decade that I could earn a living doing what I love, but it has only been in the last 2 years or so that I believed him. More recently, I've decided that I have to be proactive - jobs aren't going to magic their way into my hands, are they?

So here it is!! Updates and pictures soon.