Sunday, June 19, 2011

Today's inspirations

I've been at Ben's house for the last 22 hours, kind of unexpectedly (I thought I'd be home last night) so I haven't been able to make any further headway on my bedroom project - pictures soon though!

What I have been able to do is peruse Pinterest. The lovely people I follow on that site lead me to these 2 blogs: this site is so worth every moment you spend on it. I chose this project because it might be the solution to everything Jordan and I have been looking for as far as organizing spools of things. - this project was directly linked off of Pinterest by a lady I'm following as a t-shirt refashion idea. I am a bit bummed that I just finished hacking up a bunch of t-shirts for a quilt in November (that I haven't touched since) and I'm picturing how awesome some of them would be for this...oh well, onto the next one!

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