Monday, July 18, 2011

The bedroom project!

When I moved into my current place, my friend who owns it said that we could paint. His guidelines were "no neon pink polkadots on yellow walls" or something along those lines. Nearly a year after moving in, I decided that no creative energies could get moving in me if I didn't liven up my sleepspace a bit... and even though I stuck with his guidelines, I expect he might want me to primer when I move out. :)

This room drastically changes how it looks based on time of day and what kind of light is happening in there. This picture was taken at night, and is backlit as well as the lamp in the pic. The greenish wall on the left is the original color - you can see why I had to change it, it's just such a drab color! I mixed the brownish color on the right out of several leftover cans I got from a friend, and the basement.

A closer look at the original color. This was taken during the afternoon so there was tons of natural light. Sooooo grey. That is the purple that bedecks the entire wall. :) A definite 2-coater. Now, for the brown wall I just used a basic 2" natural-bristled paintbrush. But I had spied a system that is allegedly "As Seen On TV" called the Point N Paint, and I simply had to have it.

Where the purple wall meets the sea blue wall - notice the "plumberry" (Valspar brand paint) window ledge! This was taken at night as well, and there are 2 more lights behind the camera.

The same corner in natural light - isn't it nuts how different it is!? In the final room, the color goes all the way to the wood ceiling. I hadn't yet gotten that far when I took these pictures. At this point, I was very pleased with the Point N Paint. It boasts that it holds something like 5x the paint of a roller; though I haven't painted with a roller in recent enough history to confirm that, the microfiber bristles of the "brush" did hold quite a lot! And the finish was smooth. I would have done well to have thinned my paint somewhat, but overall it turned out nicely.

Where the purple wall meets the green wall. Green had 2 coats on it in this picture, but parts of it needed 3. This is also taken before I painted the light fixture (you'll see it below). The trim around the doors and along the floor is staying fairly well the same shade of ivory. Of course by the time I got to the green wall, the last wall, the tallest wall of my room, the attachment within the Point N Paint handheld apparatus had weakened, and snapped off on the first swipe - just when I needed it most!! Luckily my younger brosif was over for the night, so he climbed onto the dining room chair and got the first coat along the upper wall. (As of today, it's still awaiting coat #2, and the trim along the wood ceiling still needs doing! If only I were taller...or had a taller ladder.)

The switchplate cover that is white-ish and shiny in the picture above got coated with a healthy layer of the plumberry paint used on the window ledges, and then doused it with Martha Stewart's extra fine tourmaline glitter, a coat of acrylic finish (NOT enamel, this was my learned-that-the-hard-way project!), aaaaannnd delight!!

All assembled, complete with navy blue knob.

The light fixture - yes, those are glittered screws. It's all in the details. :) :)

All of the outlet covers got covered in navy, as well as the heater grate. I'd suppose now would be a good time to explain my reasoning - the paintjob done previously (the grey-green color) hadn't been done very neatly. So when I went to repaint, some of the outlet faces had paint on them and some didn't. Likewise with the outlet covers, switchplate cover, etc. So when I began repainting, my continutous perfectionist OCD mandated that everything be uniform.

The curtain rods were the same brushed-looking gold that the light fixture had been. This was the last (of 4) of the ends that was fully intact. The other 3 had either fallen off of the curtain rod, or broken an arm or 3 while they were getting moved around. After painting, I took upon a new project...

All the bits I had to work with...

What finally happened. It looks neater in real life, but in general it's not the classiest wire work. I was going more for function than form in this. After all, I expect that I'll have to spray paint the whole thing a normal color upon moving out anyway. :)

The list of paints that I used are as follows:
...on the walls...
Olympic premium interior latex: Perfectly Purple, Acupulco Cliffs (blue), & Antique Moss (green). Bought those at Lowes. The window ledges/outlet faces/base of the switchplate is Valspar Plumberry. I bought a sample container at Home Depot, thinking it would be what turned into the Perfectly Purple wall, but as you can see, it was much too red. The brownish wall, as I said before, is a mixture - primarily of an espresso-brown, and a tawny/sandy brown. The trim is a fairly basic ivory. The navy spray paint is Rust-O-Leum glossy navy blue.

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